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Onlyoffice on Chromebook

I am glad that Onlyoffice is available on Chromebook.
However, there is just one problem.
I cannot copy and paste text from gmail to Onlyoffice text environment. This also apply to notepad app.

Hello @Larry123
Please provide us with details. If it’s possible please make a videofile while you are reproducing the issue.
Also please let us know general information about your device\OS:

  1. Exact version of ChromeBook\OS version
  2. Do you use ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors in your test? How did you install it? Please point me to the guide.
  3. version of ONLYOFFICE product which you use.
  1. Chromebook version 103.0.5060.132 (32bit)
  2. Used Google play store and found ONLYOFFICE Documents - free pocket office suite

Do you mean this one?
if so, please record a videofile where you are reproducing the issue.