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ONLYOFFICE Nextcloud - ods file with some tables - column wide and date format not saved

I use Onlyoffice on my own nextcloud server. Anytime i open the ods-file i have to rearrange the column wide of the tables and the format of dates switches to default. If this is not a bug i want to make a feature request for saving settings of tables. Maybe this is a mishandling of the software and i have to save my settings another way?

Nextcloud runs in actual version on an own ubuntu server 22.04 LTS. ONLYOFFICE runs as nextcloud app. The used browsers are actual Microsoft Edge on Windows 11, Mozilla Firefox 113.0 under Windows 11 and under Linux Mint

Hello @Nubbsi

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on the actual version of Document Server paired with Nextcloud 26. Please provide some more information:

  • version of Document Server;
  • guide that you’ve used to install Document Server;
  • exact version of Nextcloud;
  • small video demonstration of the problem for visual reference.

Hello Constantine,
i am glad to hear from you such fast. Sorry, i forgot to write version of my nextcloud instance. I just updated my nextcloud to latest stable version 26.0.2. The Document Server is the actual nextcloud app community document server 0.1.13. I use this combination since many Versions of nextcloud and document server and the issue with not saved options of tables still persists since years. I will take a small video to demonstrate the problem live.

best regards

Thanks for the info.
Actually, Community DocumentServer app was developed by the Nextcloud team. So in this case, I’d recommend you to get assistance in regard of this app on their resources:

Some more info about the app you can find in this thread:

Thanks for your comment. So, during my investigation to create a small video maybe i found out the reason for this issue. I created the document, as i suppose, in openoffice and use it in onlyoffice within nextcloud. Now, while i recreated a new document in nextcloud and copied the data from the original document into the testmap, the issue is not reproducable.

But i thank you very much for support.

Well done, I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a workaround.