OnlyOffice is a Time Bomb, be aware

Love the program, but if a user uploads a bunch of files and fills the disk, it’s over. The system crashes and won’t restart. You can not monitor the remaining disk through the system. We had to restore from a backup and are now going to switch to OpenOffice as at least it can be recovered and manage the disk. OnlyOffice has a post from Feb of this year that they know about this ‘bug’ and have no plans or schedule to address. God Bless, but in 2023 this isn’t an enterprise system if any user can crash it permanently.

Hello @RoadReady

Please clarify the situation. What product do you use? What is the version of the product?

Can you share the link to the post? I’m sure that such serious issues like crash as you describe will receive attention to be fixed as soon as possible. However, we need to analyze the issue in the first place.