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Onlyoffice form input to database


Is it possible to get filled out form data to any kind of database for further processing?
If the feature is not out yet, is there a possibility of becoming a beta tester?

Hello @georgkivivali
Please describe your idea in details. Do I understand the desired scenario right: a user fills out .oforms file > data from the file (for example, marked checkboxes) are collected and sent to a database?

As for beta-testing, please check out this title: ONLYOFFICE Testing - ONLYOFFICE

Yes, that would be the usecase. The forms themselves are complex.

Please take a look at this method: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - executeMethod

I believe you can achieve desired scenario via plugins.

How do i get forms’ internalId which is required by the GetFormValue method?

You can use these methods:

All of them provide InternalId.