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Onlyoffice form input to database


Is it possible to get filled out form data to any kind of database for further processing?
If the feature is not out yet, is there a possibility of becoming a beta tester?

Hello @georgkivivali
Please describe your idea in details. Do I understand the desired scenario right: a user fills out .oforms file > data from the file (for example, marked checkboxes) are collected and sent to a database?

As for beta-testing, please check out this title: ONLYOFFICE Testing - ONLYOFFICE

Yes, that would be the usecase. The forms themselves are complex.

Please take a look at this method: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - executeMethod

I believe you can achieve desired scenario via plugins.

How do i get forms’ internalId which is required by the GetFormValue method?

You can use these methods:

All of them provide InternalId.

Hi there,
we are really eager to use OFORMS to collect information when students sign up to our school. We are ambitious, but a bit overwhelmed with JavaScript (?) to collect info from the forms. Are there model combinations of oform & Spreadsheets that we can use as a blueprint?
Best wishes,
John Alistair

Hello @John_Alistair
Unfortunately, we don’t have ready-to-go solution for this request. But in general, you can get data from OFORMS as it is described above.
Sorry for inconvenience.

The links above do not work and only display Section Not Found. This is a feature I am very interested in and have been trying to find information on.

Hello @Racer_X
Please describe the situation in detail, step-by-step. Do I understand it right that you created your own plugin to collect data from .oform files?

Hello, i’ve wrote a plugin to get the data form the oform, but i cant get it to trigger on the oform file. is there a option to embed a button on the oform file to trigger the plugin?
i can only test my plugin from the docxf file in the plugins tab.
Thanks in advance.

you should find what you need here.

Hello @edlacer
Sorry for the late reply.
You have to use the methods from mentioned link.
Would you mind describing the desired scenario in details? If it’s possible, you can record a videofile or draw a scheme. Do I understand it right that you want to implement custom button outside of editor frame to trigger your plugin?

This is the core of my plugin, right now im triggering it via the onclick event, and the autostart option but i would like a specific option to trigger.

The custom button would be great since the plugins tab is missing in the oform interface
Thanks in advance


i’m looking for something like this. i achieve this by adding a button in the html of the plugin and by modifying the style of the iframe with the inspect element tool. but i cant do it via javascript

Hello @edlacer
We’re checking the situation. I will update this thread when we have something to share.


Alternatively do you know if i can trigger the plugin from the submit button ?

Alternatively do you know if i can trigger the plugin from the submit button ?

Is it button from editor interface? Please point me to it.
As for the situation in general, we’re still looking into it. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

it is, it shows up when the attribute submitForm is set to true in the customization object of the config parameter

Where did you get this description and parameter? Official guides don’t contain them: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config