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ONLYOFFICE for business & commerce: Customer testimonial

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In this article, Alberto Moreno, a commercial agent of the COTTONMILL company, shares their experience of using ONLYOFFICE Workspace. Read on to explore more details.

ONLYOFFICE for business & commerce: Customer testimonial

About the company

COTTONMILL Co. Ltd. is a garments trading company from China. They are producing various kinds of clothing items, take care of special orders from their customers, and work with the Jiaxiong associate factory.

Alberto Moreno has been working as a commercial agent of the COTTONMILL company since 2004.

ONLYOFFICE for business & commerce: Customer testimonialImage from Unsplash by Héctor J. Rivas


As Mr. Moreno recalls, several years ago they were not satisfied with the office software they used for managing business tasks and wanted to find a suitable alternative.

In 2017, Alberto Moreno discovered ONLYOFFICE Workspace and was impressed that it provided all the needed tools in one suite. All the previous options they tried lacked some important features, for example, a solution offered powerful project management but wasn’t equipped with an email module or CRM.

So, ONLYOFFICE turned out to be a perfect product for handling all daily tasks with no need to jump forth and back between various applications. The COTTONMILL employees are able to comfortably collaborate on projects, manage CRM database, easily share and co-author office documents.

ONLYOFFICE is the only office software which has everything we need. It is the most complete solution for our way of working. We gladly recommend ONLYOFFICE to other companies and our friends.

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