Onlyoffice file icons are not displayed

Hello, I use Onlyoffice 7.4.1-36 on Ubuntu connected to an owncloud ubuntu. Everything is running perfectly. Only the icons of the onlyoffice documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint are not displayed. See image.

Any ideas?

Thanks and greetings

Hello @Fuchs385

Please also provide versions of the connector app and ownCloud itself.
Have you checked any other browsers for the issue?

Package: onlyoffice-documentserver
Version: 7.4.1-36

owncloud: 10.13.1

Yes, the problem also exists with other browsers. When I reload the page the onlyoffice icons appear for a split second and then turn white…

Please provide version of the connector app. By the way, have you tried reinstalling/updating the app?

The connector app is 8.2.1. No, I didn’t reinstall the connector app because it was a new installation and this “bug” appeared immediately. A new installation doesn’t seem helpful to me.

Do you use Previews for documents in your ownCloud? You can check it in connector app settings.

Please, reproduce the issue with missing icons, then share logs of Document Server for analysis. Logs are located in /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/.

Thanks - it was the preview seeting

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