Onlyoffice documentserver install without using nginx?

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I want to install onlyoffice documentserver to see how well I can integrate it with jitsi and any other use really.

I have apache and mysql installed. I have seen some documentation about installing using mysql that I have not tried, but I heavily use apache and mysql and do not want to switch.

From this link for Debian/Ubuntu here adding the repo and initializing the apt-get install onlyoffice-documentserver

I can see it will force nginx to be installed. Are there any other way to get this going without nginx? I assume we are using nginx for reverse proxy, https, all stuff apache can do…

any advice or ref documentation would be appreciated

Since Document Server comes with nginx, it is not possible to configure it to work with apache.

I recommend a Docker installation. That way you won’t have to install nginx on your machine, it will work inside of the docker container. You will be able to use apache as a reverse proxy. We have a set of ready-made configuration files for apache to use for a reverse proxy setup: