OnlyOffice Document Server SSL not working

Hi, i just installed OnlyOffice Document Server Snap on my ubuntu server following the instructions on this article ONLYOFFICE/snap-documentserver - githubmemory, everything is good, health check is good, but the ssl certificate doesnt work, i did all the steps up until the one that says JSON Web Token, i dont know if i need to do that in order to have it work but if i do please help me set it up cause the instructions on that part r not clear for me, i have external access already but says the ssl cert is wrong

Hello javito1081.

First of all, JSON Web Token is not related to your SSL issue. JWT usage offers an additional level of security: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Security

About SSL issue in general. Please describe it in detail.

but the ssl certificate doesnt work

You mean that DS isn’t accessible via https port? Or you faced any error while trying to open DS via https?

Are you using self-writting or CA-signed certificates? Please let us know exact steps which you ran.