OnlyOffice document apostrophe not working

I’ve had a new issue happen with the latest update to OnlyOffice. I use it for scriptwriting and has been working great until now. For some reason, when I have a word with an apostrophe, it types out extra character. So, instead of seeing I’ll - I get I'll

How do I correct this? I am using a Windows 10 64 bit computer and I typically select UTF-8 for the encoding.

Hello @stevethebat

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue.
Could you provide a step-by-step scenario on how to reproduce it?

I have a docx document that I import into OnlyOffice using the UTF-8 encoding. Any word that has an apostrophe types out extra characters. Not sure why this is happening. It didn’t used to do this. Processing: Cass RAW.txt… Not sure if this script will upload here but I have attached it.