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OnlyOffice Docs - NextCloud - Docker and Traeffik


I read some topics about some parts of my question, mut I didn’t really find my answer. So I ask it !

I use a server with Traeffik to manage proxy, reverse and SSL (via let’s encrypt).
I have a docker with Netxcloud, mariadb, nginx working great.
Now I want to install an OnlyOffice Docs server to manage creation and modification of docs and sheets.
So I found a github dir with a Docker install process. I downloaded it. And this docker use a onnlyoffice container (it seems normal), a nginx container and a nextcloud container.
I didn’t really know if this docker install is only for OnlyOffice Docs server or Onlyoffice docs server and Netxcloud. Because I don’t want to modify my Nextcloud configuration and some post said that it’s better to use a separate container for OnlyOffice Docs server.

I would install in a docker only an OnlyOffice Docs server. Is it the good way?


Document Server version: not yet installed
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: not yet
Server Debian 11 - Docker - Traeffik 1.7 - Nextcloud 24.0

Hello @PMSphere

I would install in a docker only an OnlyOffice Docs server. Is it the good way?

I believe this is the best way. Please note that usually we recommend to use separate clean server for Document server installation. It’s necessary to avoid dependencies and port conflicts. Nevertheless, there’s a way to install DS + Nextcloud on the same server via Docker -

As for separate Document server installation, please tale a look at these guides:
one-click installation (script): Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE
docker, manual installation: Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs for Docker on a local server - ONLYOFFICE

You mentioned that you use Traefik in front of your server, probably this link will be useful for you too: Using ONLYOFFICE Docs behind the proxy - ONLYOFFICE
It contains examples for proxy configs (Traefik example persists).