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OnlyOffice Docs for Ubuntu with HTTPS

Hi everyone, and thank you for welcoming me.
I have projects in schools about using Only Office in the Nextcloud. An Main Ubuntu-based server runs in the schools. The OnlyOffice Server works as a VM on a Windows Server in the internal network.

The certificate for 443 is created on the main server. The domain is then forwarded to the Docs Server IP in RevProxy

I am now wondering how exactly do I establish the HTTPS connection from the Docs server to the main server.

I can get to the Docs Website via WAN. So the RevProxy configuration works up to the Docs Server


Unfortunately I don’t know how to use the following lines:

I used this HelpDesk Link: Touch Me
I have the IP of the LXC container on the main server, and also the path to the certificates on the LXC Puppeteer container.

Thank you very much, hope my expression is clear enough :slight_smile:

Hello @Cyy
Do I understand it right that the main issue is switching Docs to HTTPS?
As far as I understand, you have Nextcloud on Linux server and Docs on Windows server with a proxy in front of them.
As for Windows Docs installation, please check out this title:Switching ONLYOFFICE Docs for Windows to HTTPS protocol - ONLYOFFICE
It will help you to set up HTTPS.
Also please check this one: Using ONLYOFFICE Docs behind the proxy - ONLYOFFICE
It contains examples of proxy config files, I hope it will be useful.
If I misunderstood the issue, please clarify it.