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OnlyOffice desktop saves docx file as zip

Hello All,

I am using OnlyOffice Desktop Editors version on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS. I can open a docx file created on Word Office 365. However, when I save the file and check its file type using the 'file ’ command, it shows that the file is a zip archive. However, if I enable the Compatibility option in Advanced Settings and then save the file, it is shown with correct file type. But I noticed that the compatibility option cannot be set as enabled by default.

  1. Is there a way to save the docx files as word files without compatibility option?
  2. If not then how can I enable the Compatibility option by default? For example, what configuration file in Ubuntu needs to be changed.

Thanks and Regards

Hello @arshad01

You are using an outdated version of Desktop Editors. Current version in 7.2.1 can be downloaded here:
Please update your application and try to reproduce the issue again. If it repeats after the update please share created in Word Office file with us.

Thanks @Constantine for the reply

I will update the version and check if it resolves the issue.


Hi @Constantine

I upgraded to version of only office desktop. The result seems same as before. Docx files are saved as zip archive. The original version (test_doc.docx) and the one saved with OnlyOffice (test_doc_only_office.docx). Running the ‘file’ command on these files return following results:

$ file test_doc.docx

test_doc.docx: Microsoft Word 2007+

$ file test_doc_only_office.docx 

test_doc_only_office.docx: Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract

Any help is greatly appreciated.

(Ps: Please let me know how can I share the files as I don’t see any way to attach the docx files.)

To send us files you can upload them to any storage and share link with us. Also, you can send the link to me via PM.

I have run same scenario but my files via given command return same results of being Microsoft Word 2007+ file.
Waiting for your test files.

Hi @Constantine

Here is the zip file containing the two docx files.

test_doc.docx is the original docx file.
test_doc_only_office.docx is the file saved with OnlyOffice.

Please let me know if you can access them.

I’ve also retried the same scenario on Ubuntu 22.04 (earlier it was 20.04) and now the file is saved as Word document. My original image is a docker image for OnlyOffice that I am using from kasm workspace (Docker Hub). Not sure if there is some OnlyOffice dependency in the docker image that causes this issue.

Thanks for looking into it.

I’ve checked your files on my Ubuntu 22.04 and indeed it shows ZIP archive for test OO file. However, I have to admit that we are not responsible for integrity and functionality of docker images from third-party repositories not listed on our site.

I recommend you to install official editors to avoid such problems.
Here you can download Desktop Editors for stand-alone installation on your PC:
Or you can get a ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition for Docker to run it on the server:

Thank you @Constantine for looking into this issue. I guess the issue could be on the docker image side. I will re-create it using the OnlyOffice packages from the link you provided. Hopefully, it will resolve the issue.

Thanks again.

Let us know if it happens again after running our docker containers.