ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors spreadsheet open inside SOLIDWORKS

I use SOLIDWORKS in my PC. I installed the Desktop Edition of ONLYOFFICE. At SOLIDWORKS there is a functionality to open Microsoft Excel spreadsheet embedded inside solidworks. Since I installed ONLYOFFICE, therefore while I trying that command from to open spreadsheet inside solidworks, nothing open with ONLYOFFICE spreadsheet. I need help on how to integrate the ONLYOFFICE spreadsheet inside SOLIDWORKS same as Microsoft Excel. I use
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Edition: x64 msi package

OS: Windows 10 Pro
OS Version: 10.0.19044 N/A Build 19044


Hello @onlyofficeuser

Unfortunately, we haven’t tested integration into SOLIDWORKS.
It is possible to provide any video demonstration of this integration between MS Excel and SOLIDWORKS? Generally, any example of this integration that we may take it as a reference for future.

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Hello @Constantine

Thank you for reply. Please look at the following video url to get an idea what was mentioned at the problem description.

solidworks Tutorial, Creating part configuration by design table or excel sheet - YouTube

Hello @onlyofficeuser

Thank you for the video. We are taking a closer look at this integration.
I will update this thread once any news come up.

Hello again @onlyofficeuser

Unfortunately, we are not planning to integrate Desktop Editors into SOLIDWORKS in the closest future.
Due to technical difficulty of observed integration between MS Excel and SOLIDWORKS I think it’s quite impossible to write down this integration with our Desktop Editors straight away.

If you are really interested in this integration you can submit a request for a paid integration to