ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: How to launch a presentation from a shell script

I’m trying to use ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to launch a presentation from a script after startup of Linux and auto logon of a user. Thus I though I write a shell script to launch ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors with a path to a file, but have not found an option to auto launch the presentation (a PPTX) which is an endless running PPT.
I have not found any command parameter to autostart the PPT, just to open it automatically.
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Hi @heinzv :wave:

You can save the presentation in PPSX format and open it using the following option:

–view=path/to/file to open the document in view mode in a separate window.

The command will look something like this:

desktopeditors --view=/home/user/Presentation1.ppsx

Hi @Nikolas.
thanks for your reply and hint. I’ve tried to save/convert the PPTX Powerpoint to PPSX and then the view command run’s the converted PPTX while with -view command alone, it just opens it in view mode but does not start it, which does not make sense to me. View always means open and run the slideshow. This is exactly what e.g. LibreOffice does, which is what I like (but LibreOffice logs me out automatically, which ONLYOFICCE does not). This is not an Linux operation system issue because LibreOffice is the only app I found so far which does the auto-logoff.
Whould it be possible to either do the presentation mode also with the view command without the conversion to PPSX? Because people will mostly not save it as PPSX but rather as PPTX (standard type in Powerpoint)?

Hey @heinzv :wave:
Unfortunately, there is no way to launch a PPTX file using the existing parameters.

I have created a video demonstration showing how to launch a .ppsx file with timed transition settings and the ‘Loop continuously until ‘Esc’ is pressed’ option.


Hi @Nikolas, thanks for your fast replay and your effort with the video.
I knew, how to create a self running slideshow and the source which is on a public/cloud share is a self running slideshow which runs in a loop. I also know that it works with a PPSX formated PPT.

The problem is, that the source is a PPTX and not a PPSX file which I barely can influence. So I have to deal with a PPTX Powerpoint file.
I need a command which does not just open a file but starts the presentation (run it not just open it), which the -view command does.
I also know, that a PPTX can be started automatically because LibreOffice does that with a command (but as mentioned it logs me out after a while).
If ONLYOFFICE cant provide a command to start a PPTX, is there a command to convert it first from PPTX to PPSX with a shell command, before I apply the -view command?

Hi @heinzv
Unfortunately, OnlyOffice Desktop Editors currently do not have options for converting or launching presentations. :roll_eyes:

I will note your suggestions and get back to you as soon as I have any updates.

@heinzv :saluting_face:
We have reviewed your suggestions and added them to our tracking system:

  • Add a key to launch a PPTX file in presentation mode
  • Add a key to enable file conversion

Unfortunately, we do not have a specific timeline for implementing these features at this time.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention on the forum.

@Nikolas :hugs:
very nice to hear. I’ll wait if it does not last for month’s. could you drop me a message or how to I know in which release (or beta) it is implemented?

As mentioned: The view parameter with just open it in read-only mode but not really start the PPT in view=presentation mode does not make any sense to me, because either I’m sitting in front of a computer, then I just open the file with the mouse.
If I use the command mode, then typically it is an autostart and if then the PPT is not started (regardless if it’s a PPTX or PPSX) it shall start it in presentation mode. That is what we want to use it, as an info-terminal, which grabs/copies a PPTX from a central store and auto-start the information, which is an endless loop. THis is done e.g. after the computer was turned on.
I could even have a script which looks for an updated file and restarts it with the new PPTX.

Thanks and best regards

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@heinzv :handshake:
Thanks for the additional clarification.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise this will be implemented anytime soon, but I will keep you updated if there are any developments.