OnlyOffice Default Style change

I have started using the OnlyOffice Document Editor (Linux version).

Is there a way to change to default document settings, ie margin size, font type, font size? And create a default document template?

I want all new documents to open with my default settings.


Hello @Piggy-Malone

Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable in ONLYOFFICE. I will definitely forward your suggestion to our Development Team.

Seconded. I am not a fan of the default margins and find it to be a slight annoyance that I have to switch them to 1-inch every time I make a document.

You can locate the empty files (new.docx/new.xlsx/new.pptx) for every locale at
C:\Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DesktopEditors\converter\empty
and set your own settings for the default files.

I also have been searching on a way to change default preferences, eg Margins, Font, Page Orientation etc

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Hello @rod178
Please pay attention to previous message in this thread by Carl. Also we discussed it here: Permanently change default font

Thanks, shall try

Please tell me what is the path of the template in MAC OS? thank you

Hello @c308682
There’re located here: /Applications/

Is it still not possible?

Hello @piggybank

Direct modification via editor interface is yet to be implemented as it requires lots of changes on technical side.

In the meantime, you can modify document templates as it was suggested in this thread.

Thanks for the response. I made a few docs with the settings I want and just open those first, but if it’s of any help to you, I did see Carl’s post, but I don’t have that path. /opt does not have an only office folder. I am using mint 21.3 and OnlyOffice is installed. But as I said the workaround is fine. I really do love the whole interface and functionality of Open Office!!!

We are working on implementing such functionality via editors interface but for now I cannot provide ETA.

How exactly was it installed, e.g. .deb package, snap, etc?