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Onlyoffice can't conect to owncloud (rror while downloading the document file to be converted)

when i try to conect onlyoffice with owncloud i got his error:

“Error when trying to connect (Error occurred in the document service: Error while downloading the document file to be converted.) (version”

Hello @hvictorino
When the issue started? From the first day of Document server installation? Or after some actions on the server side?
Please let us know server OS, guide which you used for Document server installation, ownCloud and connector versions.
Also please reproduce the issue and provide us with whole Document server logs folder. It’s located here:
docker: /app/onlyoffice/DocumentServer/logs/documentserver/
deb\rpm: /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/
Windows: Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\log