OnlyOffice allowed the file I was working on to be deleted from disk

Hi all,
OnlyOffice app has been on Mac (M1) for 3 weeks. A very bad thing happened to me today. While my Word document was open, I deleted the folder where the document was located. I also emptied the recycle folder. But OnlyOffice neither warned me when deleting the file, nor did the operating system prevent me from deleting the file. I see the file name in the “Recent Files” tab, but since the file is not in the relevant folder, it appears with a gray background and OnlyOffice cannot open the file. The strange thing is that while I was working on the file with OnlyOffice, I continued working on OnlyOffice for hours with the file I deleted from the operating system. Now, if OnlyOffice allows me to work even though this file is not on disk, is it possible that it has kept this file temporarily in a folder? Can I get this file back? The file is very important to me.
Thanks in advance for your help.

OS version: Sonoma 14.1.1
App version: 8.0.1

Hello @bilgehanbey

We are analyzing whole scenario according to provided data and possibility to recover that file. I will let you know about the results as soon as we get any information.

I’m afraid that there is no way to recover the file in your case. If Desktop Editor was closed after removing currently opened file then it is no longer stored in temporary files.

As for the pop about inability to save the file as it is missing: this is serious issue and I’d like to reassure you that we are already working on it. Please accept our apologies for inconvenience.

Hello, thank you for your interest.

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