ONLY OFFICE + S3 Direct Connection

There is way to connect to AWS S3 with local version of only office ?

In the previuous link, the documentation it’s clear to connect the cloud version, but we want to use a docker version instead of the cloud one.

Hello @yecaicedo
Please check it out Connecting third-party storages - ONLYOFFICE
I believe this is what you are looking for.
If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.

Hi @Alexandre , I want to connect the docker version to S3. It’s not the cloud version. Is that possible?

Hello @yecaicedo
Please clarify what product you are using. I mean Document server or portal solution (Workspace)?

We implemented the server version Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs for Docker on a local server - ONLYOFFICE , and it’s coupled with a nodejs backend. So we want to know if it’s possible to achieve S3 configuration directly as showed here => Amazon AWS for ONLYOFFICE settings | ONLYOFFICE. So if it’s compatible please share us the documentation or it’s not compatible please confirm to search for another solution.

Please note that mentioned link is related to different product (Workspace).
As for S3 and Document server in general, there’s possibility to set up S3 storage as cache folder. Please clarify if you need it.

Ok @Alexandre , maybe that’s is what we need before proceed and buy this solution, before we need to check, can you share with me the documentation link ?

Hello @yecaicedo
Please let us know your final goal. Why you need to connect Document server to S3?
Document server doesn’t contain files because it’s an editor in fact. So there’s no data to backup.
Please describe your situation (and installation) as detailed as possible.