Only Office High Availability

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Community Server/Control Panel version: Latest
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe) : docker-compose
OS: Amazon Linux 2

Has anyone done high availability on only office workspace? If yes can you clarify the steps you did?

Thank you

Hi, @hasithaw54

As of now, there is no working solution when it comes to clustering with Workspace.
However, there is a new solution which supports high availability and the corresponding cluster installation is currently being tested:

Here’s the official GitHub page with Kubernetes deployment guidelines for DocSpace.

Hi @Nikolas

Can’t I even use NFS share to provide shared filesystem which holds the directories as volume mounts and Use 2 node PCS cluster to hold the NFS mount?

Hey @hasithaw54 :wave:

Unfortunately, the functionality you described for WS is not available. Similar scenarios have not been tested.