Online preview opens hundreds of pages of Chinese documents very slowly

I have deployed the onlyoffice-documentserver 7.4.1-36 community version on Windows, and I have found that opening a Chinese document with hundreds of pages in online preview is very slow, possibly for a few minutes, and may keep loading. What is the reason?

Hello, please provide the document with which this problem occured for analysis. What is the OS version you use?
Also, pay attention to the fact that we provide support only for current version of Document Server which is 8.0.1, so please update.

Hello, I opened and loaded using only office editors 8.0.1, which is also very slow.I uploaded an attachment with the prompt “Sorry, new users can’t upload attachments.”

Operating system: Windows 11 Home Chinese version

Hello, now you should be able to upload the files, please check and provide the original file.

10篇论文收录引用情况.docx (792.9 KB)

I also face the same issue of slow loading of large amounts of text documents, accompanied by lag when pasting large paragraphs into them

Please clarify the following:
The title of this thread is “online preview opens hundreds of pages of Chinese documents very slowly”, but you said that you are using a Desktop Editor for Windows 11, do you mean that you connect it with the Cloud? Which cloud?

@touma Alright, we will analyze this issue. Please also provide an example document for reference and clarify where you open documents (is it Onlyoffice Desktop Editor or Docs?)

Hello, the main question I would like to inquire about is the slow loading of online preview documents

@Adelson So, please clarify, do you open them with Onlyoffice Desktop app connected to cloud or with Onlyoffice Docs?

Onlyoffice Docs

Understood. We are currently analyzing the issue, I’ll inform you when I have news.

Thank you.

Hello, we have registered a bug related to this issue and will be working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello,Will the subsequent version solve this problem?

Hello, cannot say for sure, I’ll notify you when the version with the fix is released.