Hi all,
I am trying to trigger behavior whenever a change is made in the editor. From my testing, the onDocumentStateChange event only triggers when a change is made from a saved state. Is there any way to handle any typing/changes in the doc even if it has not been saved?

This event signalizes that there are changes that are not yet saved in the document server database, we use it to display * sign on the editor tab. It is triggered with data:true when there are unsaved changes, and with data:false when all changes are saved.

Hi Carl… so I see the event triggers with true if I make an unsaved change… but then if I keep typing after the first firing of the event, it will not trigger again and again for each new change to the doc. I am trying to create event handling that will update any time there is typing in the editor, not just the first unsaved change.

Please specify the version of the Document Server you are using.

we are using version 6.4.1