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Can you please let me know if this event (onDocumentStateChange) is fired if we change cell and sheet within a spreadsheet ?



Hello @evrardts,
Yes, this event is fired when you change a cell. You can check how it works in the built-in example service. This event is used to display an asterisk sign on the title of the browser tab with the editor when there are changes that haven’t been sent to Document Server yet.

Hello @Carl,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Could you please send me the link to the built-in example servie ? That way I can properly test what I need. Thanks !

You can open the Welcome page of your Document Server and find an instruction on enabling the built-in Example there.

You can also install a separate Example (available in different programming languages):

Great, thank you very much @Carl !

By the way, I noticed your question in another topic: Change sheet or retrieve active cell
There you asked about selecting cells/sheets. Please note that this event is fired when you add a change to a cell, not just when you select any other cell.

Ah damn, that is what we need… That way we can make our application responsive to the spreadsheet editor. It would be very useful to have such events. Do you plan to add those in the future ?

Do you plan to add those in the future ?

We don’t have such plans at the moment, but I will update this post if I get any news about it.

Hello @Alexandre,

Any news on this ?



Hello @evrardts
No news or plans to implement such events at the moment. But I keep this thread open and I will update it if we have something to share.