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onBlurContentControl event is not working

I have a basic system plugin which triggers onBlurContentControl event.

(function(window, undefined){
	var flagInit = false;

	window.Asc.plugin.init = function()

    window.Asc.plugin.onBlurContentControl = function(oPr)
		console.log("event: onBlurContentControl");
    window.Asc.plugin.button = function()

})(window, undefined);

I had same issue with the onChangeContentControl event. I had to add this event in config.json file under = [“onChangeContentControl”]. But even after adding blur event in the config.json like so = [“onChangeContentControl” , “onBlurContentControl”], it is not working.
OS version: Ubuntu 20.04LTS
App version: DocumentServer v7.3 Community edition

Hello @waghankit

Please try using the event like that:
Will it work that way?