On the problem of text filling the remaining space of a paragraph

Below is a screenshot of the problem

In word, it can be filled in by the following characters

Replacing it with a comma fills the part but not tightly

I think this is a paragraph bug, Is there any way to fix this quickly?
Looking forward to your reply.

Hello @GGbeng1

First of all, please let me know version of Document Server that is used in these screenshots.
Additionally, I’d kindly ask you to provide a test document in which we can analyze this issue.

I’m using the latest version of onlyoffice, and below is the text that can trigger the bug


I don’t know why the Don is causing this problem, is there a way to fix it temporarily


Thank you for sharing a demo file. We are checking the situation.

We have registered a bug based on the behavior with Don symbol. Thank you for reporting it and sorry for any inconvenience.

As for the workaround: you can simply replace these characters with regular commas.