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On iOS the predictive keyboard suggestions do not show when typing (but appear when swiping)


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Device: iPhone12
OS version: 16.4
App version: 7.3.1
Mode: On Device

While editing a docx the line above the keyboard with word suggestions (predictive text) is not shown when typing normally.
When you swipe the text the suggestions to complete the word are shown however.

(On iPadOS neither typing nor swiping causes the line above the keyboard to appear.)

This seems to be a bug.
I opened the ticket 39982 at OnlyOffice Helpdesk for this but they could not help.

Hello @Mario

We are checking the situation. I will update this thread once I get any news.

Please specify some more information about your iPad:

  • model;
  • iPadOS version;
  • whether Predictive option of the keyboard is enabled or not;
  • whether Auto-Correction option is enabled or not;
  • language pf the keyboard with which this issue is reproducible.

Of course:

  • Apple iPad Pro 2nd generation, 11"
  • iPadOS 16.4
  • Prediction = on
  • Auto-correction = off
  • Keyboard language = iPadOS internal German keyboard
  • Language of the device setting = German

It’s quite simple: When I open Apple Pages the prediction appears and in OnlyOffice not.

Please enable Auto-Correction and check the situation again.

Thanks for the swift response.

I checked the auto-correction setting on the iPhone and indeed when switching

auto-correction = on

the predictions line appears above the keyboard (on iPad I can only check in the evening).

However, I consider this still a bug because predictions is a separate setting in iOS and iPadOS, it has its own switch in the general settings app under general, keyboard. Users may want to have suggestions but avoid the auto-correction feature (I myself hate auto-correction).

But we seem to have identified the source of the bug: ie the wrong reference to the auto-correction setting in your app. Instead the reference should be to the predictions setting.

Indeed, we have registered this bug in our internal tacker under the number 62008.
Thank you for paying attention to this moment and helping to find the root of the issue.