Older versions of a damaged docx file?

I have been working all week on a document in OnlyOffice. I have backups from Tuesday and Wednesday but not more recently. Was about to do one yesterday and could not find my USB stick …

I saved the document yesterday morning as I turned off my laptop. When I returned it showed in the folder as 0 bytes and when I opened that it is a blank page rather than the 24 pages I had been working on. When I started up again I was warned my memory space was only 48MB and I was asked if I wanted to empty the trash. I presume that was what caused the problem (even though the file is nothing like that big).

I hope there are the running backups that are saved in case of the program crashing that I might be able to return to? I have found a folder Onlyoffice which contains just one file Desktopeditors. In that are folders Data, Recover and Plugins. I went into Recover and found eight folders with alpahnumeric titles. I opened each in turn and inside each was a docx file. Most were called DocumentX and were temporary files I had not gone back to.

One had the title of the lost file but when I copied and pasted it to my home folder and then opened it, it was also blank :frowning: It was dated at the time I opened my computer again so does not appear to be from the previous session but was my discovery of the problem.

Is there anything in Cache that might be recoverable?

PS. Don’t tell me about your backup system to the cloud. I know it exists but have no money to pay for such things.

hey, @Likestoo

Check this :slight_smile:

and specify the following information

  1. specify your OS
  2. are there any files left in “recover”?

Windows: C:\Users%UserName%\AppData\Local\onlyoffice\Editors\data\recover

Linux: /home/{user}/.local/share/onlyoffice/editors/recover

I am using Linux if that is not obvious from the screenshot.

What I am looking for is not a file that needs to be recovered but a temporary saving of my file before the last one that somehow erased it. I don’t know why I got no error message if memory was the problem.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a screenshot in your post

  1. Temporary saving is not available in the desktop editor…
  2. When the application terminates incorrectly:

In the desktop editor


the file and the changes made to it (changes directory) are located in the recover directory and are displayed in the desktop editor on the recent files tab.