Odoo Enterprise 16 + Onlyffice

We are facing an issue. We have installed Odoo 16 enterprise and we have also installed Onlyoffice Community version. We have added in odoo the connector and install it. After that we have put the Ip in DOCUMENT SERVER URL and saved it.
We have restarted the server and the service. At the end We upload a document in Odoo Document but we can’t modify it by using Onlyoffice. No button to see onlyoffice.
Please can you help ?

Hello @Oumar

Please let me know exact versions of Odoo and ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server).
Also, please provide link to the application that you are using to connect Document Server.

Meanwhile, please check if editing works in general. For it navigate to the Document Server address in the browser, follow the instruction on Welcome Page to enable integrated test example, once it is enabled, press GO TO TEST EXAMPLE button to access it. Here, create or upload a document to see if it is possible to edit it.