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Odd Page break not respected when duplex printing

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When printing a document in a duplex printer and using a Section break (Odd Page), the next page of the break is printed in an even or odd page without respecting the section break.

However, when creating a document in onlyoffice from scratch, saving it and opening it in ms word or libreoffice prints fine.


Document Server version: 7.3.2
OS: docker, desktop

Hi, @humbol

  • is the problem reproduced both on the document server and in the desktop application?

Please specify the following information:

  • On which OS do you use only office;
  • The exact printer model;
  • How is the printer connected, via USB or as a network device;

Hi Nikolas,
I have the same problem at desktop app & document server.
Os: Ubuntu 20.04
Printer: Canon mf734 (network printing)

I have the problem with the following example. At the editor, Section 1 page number is one, and Section 2 page number is 3, which is the expected behavior.
However, when printing, Section 1 is at the front page, and Section 2 in the back .

var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();
var oParagraph = oDocument.GetElement(0);
var oSection = oDocument.CreateSection(oParagraph);

oParagraph.AddText("This is section #1 of the document.  Page number : ");

oSection = oDocument.GetFinalSection();

oParagraph = Api.CreateParagraph();
oParagraph.AddText("This is section #2 and we set 'OddPage' type to it. Page number : ");

oParagraph = Api.CreateParagraph();
oParagraph.AddText("When printing printing duplex, this page must be in a new page and not in the back of the first page.");

Hope it helps,


Hi, @humbol

Unfortunately, we don’t have duplex printing implemented.

We are working on it already. I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.