Number of connections/people logged in

As the administrator of the OnlyOffice Community Edition portal, where can I view the number of connections/people logged in?

Community Server/Control Panel version:
Type of installation of Workspace: docker
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

Hi @regrocsi,
It is only possible to view your personal connections and sessions:

Hi @Carl ,
Ok. Here’s a suggestion for future versions: the administrator will be able to see who is logged into the system to ensure the number of active connections and log out any users who may have forgotten to disconnect if necessary.

Hi @regrocsi,
I doubt that we will change the current behavior because in our logic the connection info is personal data which should not be viewed by any other person.

Ok, one more screen listing open sessions with just the login; I don’t see it as personal data, similar to other systems where the administrator can see who is logged in and can drop/disconnect that user. Let’s wait; after all, improvements are a continuous process. Thank you very much for helping with the questions and issues I have posted; it has been very helpful for us to continue using the OnlyOffice Community Server.