Not working navigation menu crated in Latex

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Device: Huawei Nova 9
OS version: Emui 13
App version: 8.0.1
Mode: On Device

I found that navigation menu created in Latex do not work on OnlyOffice mobile app. It’s asking me to open some external app like dialer instead of “jumping” to location in document.

In desktop it works fine, there is some minor issue with formatting on page 3, but navigation menu works:

Here is the same file but on mobile app:

Here is the file I use in the video:
Blank.pdf (52.9 KB)

Please, feel free to contact me regarding this issue, If any assistance will be needed.

Thank you, @dedoci.

We will consider your suggestion. Once we have any updates, I will let you know.

Hi @dedoci, we registered an enhancement related to the case described previously. We will try to implement it in one of the next versions of the Documents app, but I cannot specify any time frames at the moment. Once the feature is added and the new version of the app is released we will update the thread.