ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released: enhanced forms, SmartArt, new security settings, Watch Window, and more
ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Not understanding "Adding a DMS provider"

I want to ask a how-to-question, I have read this “Adding a DMS provider” page:
It is a good feature, any document cloud could be connected with desktop editors. I plan to deploy an alist server for myself in the near future.
But now, I want to just have a test of the “Adding a DMS provider” locally, so I choose everything web service on my computer, what is everything? here is its website
I have two computers in my house connected, both with everything HTTP server, and the everything servers are connected, I can search files each other, so, if ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors could be added an everything server provider, I could open a document read-only on the other computer without downloading it first. I have tried it but have not been successful.
![](a snapshot here.png)
The button and icon are easy to configure. There should be a snapshot but the rule does not allow two snapshots in one post for a new user like me. But, the editor does not open the document online but let me download the document, snapshot here

I am not sure the “editorPage” item configuration in my file “config.json”

    "provider": "everything",
    "name": "EveryThing",
    "entryPage": "http://localhost",
    "editorPage": "/products/files/doceditor",
    "icons": {
        "themeLight": {
            "connectionsList": "./assets/listicon.svg",
            "buttonLogo": "./assets/buttonlogo.svg"
        "themeDark": {
            "connectionsList": "./assets/listicon_dark.svg",
            "buttonLogo": "./assets/buttonlogo_dark.svg"

I copy this line from the config.json of the ONLYOFFICE cloud, I don’t know what the “editorPage” is for everything server locally. Should I install a Doc server and a connector for the everything server? is this “editorPage” a path pointing to a Doc server?
Thanks for any help!
btw, OS: 64Bit version of Windows7, App version 7.2.1, downloaded from ONLYOFFICE website

Hello @VincentYoung

To start off, I have to inform you that Desktop Editors are not able to perform this scenario solely.

You are right, you will need a locally installed Document Server (for work with local HTTP server) and a connector app that will make a communication between Document Server and Everything possible. Judging by the usage experience of Everything, it is capable of downloading the files via HTTP server but not opening them and that is why you need a connector app.

"editorPage" is the url to the connector app config that will perform an initialization of editors and file opening.

Unfortunately, we do not have examples of the connector for Everything so to integrate Document Server with it you will have to write down your own one. Here are useful links to the API that might help you with understanding how Document Server operates and writing down the connector app: - article on how Document Server works; - Simple DMS examples ready for integration with Document Server; - List of ready to use connectors; - Basic concepts of API usage for integration;

I see, Thank you very much!
BTW, for the alist server

Is it the same? I need to develop connectors and plugins by myself?

Basically, yes. We do not have examples of the connector app for neither of these apps. So, as an integrator, you have to develop the connector by yourself.

Thank you, I’ll have a try if I have enough time in the future

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