Not enough memory to open issue in Onlyoffice system

We use OnlyOffice in our project, and while it displays all PPT in the OnlyOffice edit screen, some documents show an error, 'Not enough memory to open '. We have increased the memory allocation, and no server memory alerts were received. After investigating, we found that the issue originates from the OnlyOffice software and is not related to our programming. Could you please assist us in resolving this issue?

Installation method:

Hi Team
Any update on this.

Hi Team,

We are waiting for your update.


Please provide the following additional info:
What is your installed ONLYOFFICE product and its version?
What is the type of installation?
What is the OS on which your installed ONLYOFFICE product?
What is the OS on which you try to open documents? (and its version)
What is the version of Chrome Browser you are using? Is the issue reproduced on other browsers?
Please provide an example of a document with which the issue occurs