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Not all functions with " LanguageTool Your writing assistant "

Hello all,
a question about the plug-in “LanguageTool”: I use the online Premium version (purchased). But after activating it in OnlyOffice, I can’t log in anywhere, nor do I have the “Rephrase” function!

Document Server version: 7,4
Installation method: DEB/RPM-Paketen
OS: Linux
Browser version: Firefox

hi @judie07

Authorization capabilities are not available.

Unfortunately, this feature is also missing in the plugin.

We need some time to discuss the situation internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Okay thanks for the info

Sorry for the late response.
Since currently there is no way to log in to your account in LanguageTool plugin we have registered an enhancement suggestion to add such possibility. This will allow you to use additional functionality like, for instance, rephrasing in future versions of the plugin.

Thank you for your support - much appreciated!" :grinning: :+1: