No system printer dialog available - I cannot select important printer params

I’m using OODE with Suse Leap 15.3 and Tumbleweed. The printer dialog is very “special” and reduced. With this I cannot make the settings that are needed, e.g. the selection of the paper cassette, the format, the format position and much more. Without such complex functions I cannot good use OODE.
In my opinion it’s necessary that OODE calls and shows the system printer dialog.


Hello @pschulze59
Please clarify what you mean by format\format position. Do you mean portrait\landscape orientation?

Hello Alexandre.

Yes - there is no “full” options-dialog. I can only select some of standard options but the full set of all is not selectable. So I can’t select the right paper box for A3-format or other features.

The attached png-file shows the LibreOffice options-dialog with the “full” set of printer options.

This is what I need.

Thanks for help.


Thank you for description. We are constantly working to improve Desktop editors. Some situations which you mentioned are already known (bug 51450 - choose paper tray feature, 55896 - preview before print feature).
If you want to draw our attention to something else, please feel free to do.

Unfortunately, I can’t to provide you with information of timeframes of release of new features at the moment.