No response from anyone? OnlyOffice fubarr'd by bug 6 days ago, critical outage

I asked a question 6 days ago and after a bit of investigation and learning the onlyoffice dev & bug tracking works, discovered I’ve got a buggy release but can’t get any feedback apart from someone telling me to use another office module.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get my organisation back up and running with OnlyOffice please? This is impacting us quite a lot and killing my reputation as the techie fix-it guy and everyone’s willingness to use the platform we’ve set up.

Hello @adam42

We are trying to help everyone as quick as possible but currently we are experiencing high load due to release of the new version of Document Server/Desktop Editors.
I have replied to you in the linked thread, please check it out and provide asked information.

I will close this thread, please continue communication in the other one.