No "Insert function" in the contextual menu(right click) inside a spreadsheet cell

While looking for the exact syntax of a function, “Insert a function” of the contextual menu is not available from inside a cell, while writing a formula. To get access to this tab of the contextual menu, I need to call it from an empty cell.
By example, I am writing formula starting with =IF( and I do not know the Onlyoffice syntax for the logical negation. I need to stop writing my formula, then select another cell and then right click in order to get the contectual menu with “Insert a function”, then select “Logical” group and choose the proper function. Then I need to copy and paste this latter in the former =IF( function.

Wish : be able to get the “Insert function” from the place where I need it while writing a function, even in the middle of the wrting of this function.

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Thank you for the feedback, if you start writing a formula inside a sell, then the Spreadsheet will give you different options for auto-complete and if you still need to use “insert function” inside the same cell you can use upper-left icon (fx) or Formula>insert function or just click (shift+f3)
For more details please check our instructions :

Thank you for these guidelines.

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