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No information about my JabberId

when I open the Only Office Talk I see no information about jabber id, port and so on. The whole “Third-Party Software Support” area is missing.

How can I enable it?

Community Server/Control Panel version: /
Type of installation of Workspace: deb
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Hello @Jasch
Please provide us with details. Do I understand it right that Talk feature doesn’t work?
Please show us an error which you faced.
Also please point me to the guide which you used for workspace installation and provide us with whole Community server logs folder. It’s located here: /var/log/onlyoffice/
About Jabber ports, please check this title: Ports which must be opened for ONLYOFFICE Talk - ONLYOFFICE
Please provide us with step-by-step issue scenario.

Hello @Alexandre
the Talk feature works with the web client. But I want to use an external client (PSI).

I found this image
Here you can see that in the lower part there is a section titeld “Third-Party Software Support” with the required information for this. This section is missing in my installation.

I installed my version with


and chosed RPM/DEB installation

This image is outdated. There were such a feature a few years ago, but there’s no way to use external messengers with Talk nowadays.
Sorry for inconvenience.