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No colour change of selected words

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On selecting a word(s) in a document there is no visible change. Impossible to see what has been selected
OS version: Mac OS 10.14.6
App version: 7.0.1
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

I think that I have solved this. The problem lies with Mac OS Mojave and not with OnlyOffice. By adjusting the settings of Accent colour and Highlight colour under System Preferences/General I can now see highlighted words.

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We are glad that the issue is solved.

I have same problem on Linux Mint (Ubuntu variant).
There is no similar setting like “settings of Accent colour and Highlight colour under System Preferences/General” for Linux Mint.
What is the fix for Linux Mint?

Hello @LinuxAtOnlyOffice
I have tried to find similar settings on Linux Mint, but unfortunately I failed.
It seems to me that there’s no dependency between OS color settings and the editor.

There’s Themes > Controls tab where you can set the general color theme, but this step won’t change highlighting color of selected text in Desktop Editors.

Thanks for trying to help, Alexandre!