No boolean values handled in OnlyOffice?

I do not find the formate Logical value or Boolean in the cell formate list.
When I try a boolean operationlike TRUE+FALSE, I get a weard result : “BOOL00AN”
If I test A1=1 when A1 contains TRUE, as entered on my local computer, I get FALSE.
The same, if I test A1=0 or A1=-1, I always get FALSE.

Doesn’t OnlyOffice handled logical values ?
Environnement : nextcloud

Thanks in advance

Please specify the version of the Document Server you are using and provide a step-by-step scenario of how to reproduce the issue.

Hello Carl,

Surprisingly, today I can make operations on logical figures ! I have seen the Help section about logical functions…
However I cannot still find the way to display TRUE or FALSE. The corresponding logical results are either 0 or 1.
OnlyOffice release Nextcloud release 19
Kind regards

Please provide an example file where the issue is reproduced. Also please note that current Document Server version is 6.4.2. We strongly recommend to install the updates as they include bugfixes and enhancements.

This is not relate to a specific file but to the graphical user inerface of OnlyOffice : there is no Logical Values in the Cell Number Formats dropdown list.
About the need for upgrade, I will inform my server admin.
Kind regards

Hello Carl,
My server admin has upgraded OnlyOffice.
I still do not find a cell number format like “Logical” or “Boolean”.
TRUE is stored in the spreadsheet as 1 and FALSE is stored liket 0 but comparizon like TRUE=1 wil provide FALSE.
Kind regards