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Nextcloud: Shared link for folder - Guests could open/edit every document within the shared folder via OnlyOffice

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I have a folder containing several documents. I want to share all documents within this folder with guests (do not have a NC-login) on the folder level allowing the guest to open and edit every of the documents directly via OnlyOffice (as anonymous).

Hence: Is it possible to use a shared link on a folder to allow guests opening and editing every document within this folder by OnlyOffice (instead of only allowing to download the files).

Like this:

As this works for direct shared links on files, I was wondering if this could be applied also on the folder share link level?

Document Server version: 7.2.2
Connector version: Nextcloud Connector 7.6.8
DMS (platform) version: Nextcloud 25.0.3
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Browser version: Chrome 109.0.5414.119
Attach logs if possible.

We are aware of this issue, you can find more reports here:

It will be fixed in the next version of the connector. For now, you can apply this fix to make it work:

Open the file …/nextcloud/apps/onlyoffice/js on your server and replace “#filestable” with “.files-filestable”.