Nextcloud / OnlyOffice Refused To Connect

problem: (All Dockerized behind Traefik) When adding a new OnlyOffice document within the Nextcloud instance, the page goes straight into a blank page with a document icon with a stop sign on it. The message states ‘domain.tld’ refused to connect

Document Server version: 7.4.1
Connector version: 8.2.2
DMS (platform) version: ???
OS: Docker / Linux
Browser version: Edge / Chrome / Firefox

Hello @jdevstart

Did you connect your instance of Document Server to Nextcloud via connector app page? Please make screenshot of the settings when pressing the Save button, you will see a pop-up message in top right corner. Also, make screenshot of the page when opening a document for editing via Nextcloud.

In the meantime, please check editing in integrated test example to make sure that Document Server works properly. To do it, navigate to the Document Server address in browser, on Welcome Page you will find instruction on how to enable integrated test example. Once it is enabled, press GO TO TEST EXAMPLE button and try creating/uploading a document to edit it from there. Let me know the result.

Additionally, please specify version of Nextcloud itself.

In general, please refer to the recommended proxy settings for Document Server and compare them with your configuration:

Sorry in advanced for the SPAM, can only attach one screenshot per post.

Yes I did, I used the connector app page.

And my Nextcloud version is 27.1.1

Just a heads up, I’ve been looking online and what I have found that closely matches my issue seems to be SSL related.

I’m hosting both Nextcloud and Onlyoffice on the same host via Docker containers. Both services can reach and ping each other but if the full chain isn’t provided in the cert, that can cause problems.

At the 12 minute mark.
Upgrade Nextcloud with ONLYOFFICE - YouTube

Unless you have more suggestions, this is the path I’m currently taking. Again, thank you for your time in assisting with this.

I think we need to take look at logs of Document Server. Please archive all logs from /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/ (inside Docker container) to share.

Additionally, check browser console when opening a document for editing. Best practice is:

  1. Open a document and wait until page is loaded;
  2. Open browser console (F12 in most browsers);
  3. Reload page with opened browser console.

Once page is loaded again, check Console and Network tabs for any error entries. If there are any, please make screenshots of them.