Nextcloud onlyoffice - file locking not working

Dear all,

I use Nextcloud (V28) and also OnlyOffice (Version 7.5.1 )with other users. Both desktop-version and web-version.

The problem is that, when 2 people work on one OnlyOffice-document, changes get lost aka there is no file-locking or warning.

Is there any solution to this problem?
According to Nextcloud there should be an automatic file-locking since Nextcloud Hub 7. ( But that doesnt work.

Any ideas?
Best regards,

Hello Michael,

I’m afraid our connector does not support the automatic file locking feature yet. We’ll take a look and let you know when it is available.

Hello Carl, this is one of the biggest issues we have using only office. Files are being worked online in Nextcloud and offline in word for example and they is no way to know or prevent data loss. There are not even conflict files generated anymore, content is simply lost. If this is not tackled we cannot use OO in the future. Data loss is unacceptable.

Hi @nikobe123,
Please be sure we understand the seriousness of this. I hope we will implement file locking support in some future update.

Thank you Carl for your reply. From your answer i cannot deduce if this is an issue you are looking to implement or fix in the next update. Can you give us any idea about when this will be tackled? We have a license with OnlyOffice.