Nextcloud integration unclear

I’m trying to connect Onlyoffice with my Nextcloud. In the Onlyoffice connector app setting it is asking for: “ONLYOFFICE Docs address”. But it does not say where I find that address.
Onlyoffice Doc server is installed and running on my PC from which I can access documents on my hosted Nextcloud.

Is there something I am missing? The setup instructions seem to be incomplete.

Details: Nextcloud 23 + Onlyoffice connector app. On PC: Kubuntu 21.10, Vivaldi Browser, Only Office Version + Document Server

Hi, your Document Server must be accessible from your Nextcloud via URL. It might be a domain name or IP address of the server where your Document Server is installed.

Thanks Carl. How could I find the address out, or set one up? Or is that only for IT pros?

Have you installed the Document Server on a desktop PC? Could you attach a screenshot with the name of the product you installed?

It’s installed on my desktop PC from the Kubuntu Software Center:

and it is running as can be seen in the System Monitor

In this case you need to somehow expose your PC to the internet so it has an IP address that is accessible from your Nextcloud. Right now your Document Server should be available at http://localhost, but you won’t be able to indicate localhost as the Docs address in the connector settings.
A better solution would be to install it on a dedicated server.
You can learn more on how the integration works here:
ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Nextcloud ONLYOFFICE integration app

Thanks. It looks like using Onlyoffice with Nextcloud is for IT people only then. I don’t have a server and I will give up.