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Nextcloud Excel sheet protection

I use OnlyOffice in Nextcloud.
If I upload an excel file with sheet protection, the sheet protection is gone :frowning:

Any suggestion how can I fix this?

Thank you

Hello @user1337
Please provide us with a file where the issue is reproducible. Also let us know versions of Document server, connector app and Nextcloud.

Hello Alexandre

No Problem:
Nextcloud Version 22.2.3

Community Document Server 0.1.12

ONLYOFFICE Version 7.3.0

Field b2 is protected
Password: test123

Thank you

This is not our product. It’s a fork of one of the old versions of Document server. Nextcloud team created it. We have information about it here: Community Document Server app in Nextcloud 18
Please install Document server on the separate clean server. You can find guides here:Installation Guides - Docs Community Edition - ONLYOFFICE
After that use connector app ( ONLYOFFICE Version 7.3.0) to integrate it with your Nextcloud portal.
After that please re-check the issue.