Nextcloud and onlyoffice behind NGINX proxy manager Custom Locations

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Document Server version: 7.3
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe): docker
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Browser version: Firefox latest and Chrome latest

Hi, i installed a nextcloud docker container behind NGINX Proxy Manager, with custom location “/” that points to nextcloud container.
On the same server, i have another container running onlyoffice-documentserver and i would like to be reached via https://nextclouddomain/onlyoffice/, but i cannot get this thing to work.

Have you got any advices regarding npm and onlyoffice?

Please set up the proxy config for the Document Server using this example:


i’m using Nginx Proxy Manager with GUI, the parameters are not the same

No one can help?

Sorry, we have no experience with Nginx Proxy Manager. I’d recommend searching if it is possible to manually create configuration files there to use our examples.

Is there a solution now available to set up
NPM ( Nginx Proxy Manager)