New PDF Viewer Not Working for Me

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Document Server version: 7.5 Latest, Docker EE
Type of installation of the Document Server DOCKER

Browser version: Chrome 120.0.6099.225

I was attempting to use the new PDF editor through FileRun. When I open the PDF to edit through file run I receive the following errors:

and the PDF simply says “an error occured while trying to open this document”.

I don’t really know how to start investigating this further. Docker logs show the same as the console within the browser. I also am not sure if this is a FileRun or an ONLYOFFICE error. Please let me know.

Thank you,

Hello @maevebaksa

Please run a test to gather some more information:

  1. Open integrated test example of Document Sever by reaching it address via browser;
  2. On Welcome Page you will find instruction on how to enable it, please follow it and then proceed to the example itself by pressing GO TO TEST EXAMPLE button;
  3. On example page please upload your PDF to see if you can open it there.

Once completed, please let me know the result. If you face any errors in the process, please additionally archive log directory /var/log/onlyoffice/ located inside the Docker container to share with me for analysis.