My index for my main page is broken

I created a index or glossary where holding control and left clicking then opens up the document listed. However uploading my Hub page and supporting documents breaks the links despite the file names being the same. Is there anyone to restore this feature within the web editor? It works as normal once you download the files but I really need for this to work when using the online collaboration mode so we can more easily jump around the 188 page document.

Clicking on the links returns a 404 Not Found error.

hi @Magos_Cybernetica :handshake:

Can I ask for a more detailed scenario with an example of the error?

Please describe the steps you take before the error occurs.

  • What behavior do you expect from the system while performing these steps?

  • What is happening in reality? If possible, provide error text or other details of the problem.

  • If there are any error messages or screens that may help understand the situation, attach screenshots.

  • If there are any error messages or screens that may help understand the situation, attach screenshots.

  • Do you use DocSpace?

I made in index in Microsoft Office, which allows you to hold Control and then left click on a link which then opens up another document. For this to work the files all need to be in the same folder. When I upload my entire document this reference is broken online.

@Magos_Cybernetica :handshake:
Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.
Our team is aware of the problem, and we are currently exploring various approaches to implement this feature and estimating the required efforts.

We believe that this feature might be valuable to many users. Therefore, we encourage everyone to share their comments and thoughts on this matter in the comments section below.

  • Could you please specify if you are using DocSpace or any integration with OnlyOffice Docs?

I’m not using anything like that, its a simple feature of Microsoft Office as far back as 2007. Which is the oldest version I’ve tried it on. It’s a link to a file which in this case is another document.

@Magos_Cybernetica :hugs:

I understand the issue you’re facing. :ok_hand:
I just didn’t catch one thing: which product did you use as the document storage?

Please clarify where you uploaded your document:

  • ONLYOFFICE Personal
  • ONLYOFFICE WorkSpace or is it nextcloud/ownCloud/alfresco…?