Multiple nodes with docker-compose behind HAProxy

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Community Server/Control Panel version: 7.5.0
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): docker
OS: Linux
Browser version: Many

we are trying to build multi-node OnlyOffice cluster running behind HAProxy. We’ve managed to successfully configure it to use JWT and it is functional most of the time. Sometimes when user attempts to download the file, it fails with 403 Forbidden.

We think that is caused by nginx’s secure link option. The docker image contains env SECURE_LINK_SECRET, which, to our understanding, is used to set up the nginx secure link. When unset, the values is randomly generated.

We think the 403 Forbidden is caused when user is sent to another node which has this value different. Thus we set the SECURE_LINK_SECRET env to value “verysecretstring” on all nodes.

We thought that we’ve won, because on our computers everything works as expected, but we’re getting reports that for other users it doesn’t - the editor opens and an error about the file not being available appears.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hello @mbalko
Sorry for the late reply. We have samples for HAProxy configurations as load balancer here:

Please compare them with your one. Also it’s necessary to check Document server logs when the issue has reproduced.

However, the cluster installations usually require a lot of effort to install and configure\troubleshooting them. I believe it’s better to contact colleagues of mine via Zendesk to get dedicated and prompt support: Get dedicated support

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