Multiple header/footer items

Hello everyone,
I want to have the date in the footer of my pages on the left side of the footer and <Page number/Total document pages> on the right side, also I would like to have some other text in the middle part. How do I accomplish this using onlyoffice?

Hello @Jimmy
Do you mean this feature? Insert headers and footers - ONLYOFFICE
There’s an opportunity to edit header and footer.
If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.

Hi Alexanndre, yes I mean that feature. It lets you create one header element, in either left, middle or right. Or one in the footer. How about having two or more elements in the footer? I couldn’t do it.

Could you please point us to the example of such feature (multiple footer\header elements) in the other editor (for example, in MS) so we will check it.
At this point, there’s no ready-to-go solution for your request, but your suggestion is interesting and we want to check it out.