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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Multiple electoral district every time you open excel

Device: Android | iOS
OS version: 7.1.1 community
mode: view
Hello dear!
I have multiple electoral district every time you open excel, and even more if you have fixed columns and you move the table around.

Thank you very much
Happy New Year :rabbit:


Hello @mao

Please provide more information about the issue:

  • model of device;
  • version of device’s OS;
  • type and version of browser that is used to access the editors;
  • Document Server installation type (Docker, DEB/RPM, exe).

Additionally, does it happen to all .xlsx files or certain one?

Please note that you are using an outdated version of Document Server, the actual version is 7.2.2.

Hi Constantine!

A few months ago, we didn't start 7.2.2 because of the low Docker version.

We are currently using 7.2.2
Docker version 20.10.22, build 3a2c30b.

Now there's a small problem:
     We now want to close the jwt,I've changed the configuration in local.json, but it's still loading. What else should I change

     Thank you for your reply
     My overseas friends
     Happy New Year :rabbit:

Hello again @mao

First, to completely disable JWT Token please make sure that fields "inbox", "outbox" and "browser" are set tot false in local.json:

        "enable": {
          "request": {
            "inbox": false,
            "outbox": false
          "browser": false

After that, save changes and restart all Document Server’s services with supervisorctl restart all to apply them.

Hi Constantine:
The jwt is disabled, but the constituency issue is still unresolved(7.2.2)

Thank you for your reply

Please provide the information about the OS of the device on which you are facing this issue and information about used browser so we could run some tests.

Hi Constantine!

  • It is present on all tested devices

  • Only xls exists

  • Attached after,test(deviceModel~osVersion~browserName~browserVersion)Please

Thank you to my overseas friends.

Thank you for providing the information.

Could you please run a small test?
Please try saving the copy of your .xls file as .xlsx and check the issue again.

Hi Constantine!

This problem exists for both xls and xlsx.
Is related to the jwt being disabled?

Certainly not.

Is it possible to share the file itself? You can send it to me via PM messages in case there is any sensitive data.

Hi Friend
I have created a new file that also has this problem. May I have your email address

Send it via PM. Tap on my avatar and click Message to open private messages.

Hello again @mao

This issue is related to the known bug number 51209. We are working on the solution, however, currently there is no estimated date of the fix release available.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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